An excellent way to try out sky diving without taking to an aeroplane is simulated sky diving.

This takes place in a large building about six or seven stories high and tunnels are constructed which create winds resembling those which you would experience in the air. Before taking part in this, individuals are given complete instructions about the wind, airspeed and all things related to sky diving, plus body positioning and all the other necessary guidelines.

The students wear jumpsuits, goggles, helmets, shoulder and knee pads, but they do not need a parachute. Most simulated walls are made of glass and this is good because it allows people to watch others. Of course they can only see the person diving and can’t actually feel the experience.

With 120 km/hr winds the actual simulation lasts for around 60 seconds, and all the time the individual is guided by an expert trainer. This can be a very fun thing to do, especially for the whole family, accept of course, a very young child. There are restrictions regarding height and weight and any other health concerns, however, this is a great way to get going and could put you on the right step to decide whether you want to do it or not.

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