Sydney is a glamorous city with so many iconic landmarks, and the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are two of the most famous and globally recognised. The architectural beauty of the bridge is something that you can truly appreciate only when you climb the bridge. The Bridge Climb in Sydney offers its visitors exactly such an opportunity. Tourists and locals alike enjoy this adventurous activity. Everyone should make at least one attempt at climbing the bridge when they visit Sydney.

The Bridge Climb tour is open during different times of the day. The best time for the climb however would be either dawn or twilight since that is the time that the whole landscape reflects the changing position of the sun most dramatically. You can see the whole city illuminated in different shades and hues over a relatively short period of time. Most people have explored Sydney only at ground level. But the moment you start climbing the bridge, you get a totally new perspective of Sydney. So even if you are quite familiar with the city, you will still get new insights from the climb.

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